How to start Piano Lesson?

Numerous individuals who need to figure out how to play the piano are put off by spending long, exhausting hours learning music notes. On the off chance that you are not kidding about figuring out how to play the piano, the main thing you should do is put those negative considerations behind and begin with a receptive outlook. It takes time and indeed, you need to take in the music notes, however it doesn’t need to exhaust, and it surely does not need to take perpetually before you figure out how to play without anyone else. Take after these seven stages precisely, and you’ll be playing your first tunes freely in a brief timeframe.

Stage 1: Getting Familiar With Your Notes

Picture of Getting Familiar With Your Notes

Music notes may appear to be weird now, however so did the letters of the letter set when you initially experienced them as a tyke. Your interest and the consistent utilization of the composed and talked dialect around you have outfitted your capacity to peruse and not be terrified of composed words when you see them. A similar will occur for music notes. They are the ABC of music, and with consistent practice you will figure out how to locate read them simply like you are locate perusing this data now. Here goes:

We should begin you off with the well known show tune from “The Sound of Music” – Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do. You know it – right? Sing it so anyone can hear. Music notes are set apart by the letters A B C D E F G. The show tune will be utilized to enable you to get the pitch of the notes and in addition to take in the keys.

Take a gander at music notes on the amazing staff underneath.

That note in the focal point of the staff is Middle C. Position yourself amidst your piano, and we should discover Middle C and take in the piano keys.

Tip: The notes on the Treble Clef (top) are the higher pitch notes and those on the Bass Clef (base) are the lower pitch. The treble clef notes (higher notes) coordinate with the keys heading off to one side of Middle C and are frequently played with the correct hand except if the music piece requires something else.

On the off chance that you require more help figuring out how to play the piano look at:

Stage 2: Getting Familiar With the Piano Keys

Picture of Getting Familiar With the Piano Keys

The dark keys are utilized to play what is known as sharp (#) and level (b) notes and show up in gatherings of threes. Search for the arrangement of five dark keys (1 gathering of 3 and one of 2) that are in the focal point of your piano.

Center C is the white key to one side of the two dark keys amidst the piano. Place finger 1 (your correct thumb) on Middle C. In the event that you go all over the whole length of the piano you will see that the way to the prompt left of any arrangement of two dark keys is a C. Set aside a little opportunity to think about the graphs above and beneath again while coordinating the notes to the piano keys.

Stage 3: Playing Do-Re-Mi

Picture of Playing Do-Re-Mi

Presently look and the chart underneath and have a ton of fun playing the tune. Keep in mind you begin at Middle C, and can go here and there the piano acclimating yourself with the keys.

Stage 4: Picking It Up a Bit

Presently we should jazz things up a bit and take a stab at playing another simple melody – Jingle Bells. Concentrate the outline demonstrating the keys and the music sheet. The 4/4 to one side of the clef implies that each measure/bar requires four beats – 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and. Go ahead to the subsequent stage to take in the mean each note on the music sheet.

Stage 5: Music Notes and Timing

Picture of Music Notes and Timing

Each note demonstrates how much tally it ought to get (to what extent you ought to down the key). Three notes are utilized in the music sheet yet there are more (investigate those). Recognize the notes each one in turn at that point read beneath for the assigned tallies.

Entire note – Four beats (1 and – 2 and – 3 and – 4 and).

Half note – Two beats (1 and 2 and).

Quarter note – One beat (1 and)

Stage 6: Connecting the Notes

Picture of Connecting the Notes

The primary proportion of the music sheet has three E notes. Two are quarter notes and the a half note. Play these until the point that you get the hang of it at that point proceed onward to alternate measures until the point when you can play them in progression.

Stage 7: Review and Practice

Picture of Review and Practice

Update stages one to six and keep honing until the point when you can play Jingle Bells. When you are certain you have take in your piano keys and the music notes you can play different melodies which will even require the two hands.